LaSeven, Inc.









Residential & Commercial Investments

The operating philosophy of LaSeven, Inc. is primarily based on our investment strategy: realistic projections and a well structured business plan. Developing a presence in both commercial and residential arenas gives us an edge in providing reliable Real Estate consulting services ranging from purchases, sales or rental of apartments for personal use or pure investments, to commercial acquisitions and leasing of retail, showroom or office spaces.

LaSeven, Inc. provides clients with:

  • Strategic planning
    Evaluation of investment criteria, market conditions and product typology.
  • Brokerage
  • Real estate transactions
    • Experienced professional assistance with identifying the investment (apartments, lofts, townhouses, buildings, new developments, residential and commercial properties) according to clients' preferences, budgets and financial goals;
    • Financial analysis and realistic projections;
    • Negotiations for the best possible purchase price;
    • Assistance with fiscal practices in the US and fiscal structure according to the preferences of clients;
    • Assistance with legal practices and contract execution in order to protect the client and verify all necessary details.
  • Administration
    LaSeven Inc. with its qualified staff in the US can offer clients a number of services after having purchased the estate.
    • Management and administration (rent collections, maintenance supervision, capital improvements, insurance and coordination of bookkeeping and accounting services, US tax return preparation, legal matters);
    • Leasing and Rentals to maximize returns on investment;
    • Banking: opening of bank accounts specific for each investment, managing rent and expenditure;
    • Assisting certified accountants (CPA) in the preparation of American tax returns of the company detaining the real estate.
  • Residential and commercial leasing
    • Defining realistic rent objectives;
    • Monitoring thriving economic segments as target for leasing of commercial spaces;
    • Marketing;
    • Lease negotiations and contracts.
  • Renovation/Remodeling
    As necessary, we coordinate real estate renovations, remodeling project to create added value and/or reposition the property
    in the market.
  • Sale
    If requested, we will make available the same level of services and our extensive market knowledge, database and marketing presence to support the sale of your property.